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We are a software consultancy and product development company. We practice what we preach building our own products while helping others to do the same.

Our Work

High-end Department Stores

Help evolve aging technology stack and show new ways of working.


Guided and worked alongside an internal team to transition mobile web user experience onto a more modern technology stack, in the process showing how different ways of working and practices can speed up delivery and make it less costly.

Guided the wider adoption of newer technology stacks and ways of working across numerous teams, effectivly scaling delivery

Delivered practical training to give everyone in the technical organisation grounding in Agile, Lean, XP, TDD, CI & CD


Java, Kotlin, Google Cloud

International sandwich shop franchise

Deliver the foundations for a new eCommerce experience


Assist with the selection of a new eCommerce technology stack that would be able to underpin both instore digital experiences, but also new online ordering oppotunities

Delivered the foundations for a new UX to be built upon, integrating and collecting data from existing systems.

Help setup ways of working that would scale with the newly expanding tech teams


Python, Google Cloud

Iceland's oldest outdoor clothing company.

Deliver a luxury eCommerce customer experience to aid international expansion.


Delivered a new luxury customer experience on top of a new eCommerce platform. Integrated with existing ERP solutions for order and stock managment.


TypeScript, NextJS, Kotlin, Google Cloud

Luxury Ski Fashion Retailer

Deliver a luxury eCommerce customer experience, and operational and logistic systems


Incrementally migrated away from an existing eCommerce stack while delivering a luxury customer experience.

Integrated order and warehouse managment, financial reporting, returns automation and many other operational improvement to enable a small team to deliver great customer experience


TypeScript, NextJs, Clojure, Google Cloud

Our Purpose

Our purpose is encapsulated in a set of values that excite us but also challenge us to be and do better

Enable impactful/meaningful ideas to become reality

Large or small, technical or human, we like to bring meaningful ideas to life. there is nothing too big or too small that we work on. Working together to make a breakthrough is what inspires us in what we do. Our primary measure of progress is working software in front of customers. We deliver and iterate, learning from what we build and incorporating it. We do this at pace, we don’t spend time on something that isn’t valuable. People make software, processes don’t. We apply lightweight practices that we know to work and adapt as we learn more.

Technical excellence

Automate all the things. Test all the things. No code is the best code. Fewer moving parts == double plus good. Evolutionary architecture, designed for change and designed for pace of change.

Spark Happiness

At its simplest, this is about making people smile. Whether that is from the joy of a job well done, providing meaningful work that fits with people’s lives or discovering new ideas and learning new things. We want to delight the people we work with, by taking a genuine interest in them, their business and their goals. Deliberate wants to create happiness for the people it serves.

Improve the world around us

Individuals can go fast, teams can go far. We believe that an organisation can and should improve the lives of the people it touches and furthermore should enrich the world in which we live.

Our Team
  • Tom Scott - Deliberate Software Ltd

    Tom Scott


    Tom has been programming ever since he discovered the magical feeling of being able to instruct a computer to print out rude messages to his brother. The message has changed but the magical feeling hasn't and Tom loves creating software that solves real problems ranging from the interesting to the mundane.

  • Chris Bird - Deliberate Software Ltd

    Chris Bird


    Wielder of parentheses, conjurer of the magic smoke, lover of the arcane, at one with metal.

  • Siba Fadda - Deliberate Software Ltd

    Siba Fadda

    Lead Consultant

    Passionate about problem solving and tech is only one way to do it. A rounded techie who believes that solving a problem starts with a conversation.

  • Ben Cegłowski - Deliberate Software Ltd

    Ben Cegłowski

    Lead Consultant

    Creative engineer, veteran architect, envelope pusher.

  • Rob Precious - Deliberate Software Ltd

    Rob Precious

    Senior Consultant

    Excitable developer and accessibility guru

Our Services

Equal parts consultancy, product thinkers and delivery experts


Our teams live and breath your product, helping you bring the most valuable impact to your customers. Be that scaling your existing product, or bringing a totally fresh approach our teams can ensure your existing product continues to deliver for you.


We believe the best way to prove your idea is putting them in front of real customers. We can help you take ideas and get them in the hands of customers quickly and evolve the idea into something that really works.


We want to equip your teams with the ability to deliver. Be that technical skills or team practices, we want to make them a success. We bring together years of experience guiding teams on adoption of Agile, CI, CD, TDD, DevOps.

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We aim to bring your impactful/meaningful ideas to reality to spark happiness and collaborate with you to improve the world around us.
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