21 June 2023

Our Environmental Goals

Doing our best to improve the world around us.

Laura WelchOperations Manager

One of our core values at Deliberate is Improving the World around us. Which is why we were particularly excited about setting our environmental goals as part of the B-Corp assessment. We are still a small company but we believe that no impact is too small if everyone gets involved. Below are our top 5 goals and details of how we are going to make this happen.

Our environmental commitments and goals;

  1. To become a carbon negative company by 2025.
  2. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by offering cycle to work schemes and encouraging more walking, use of public transport, low carbon vehicles, and low carbon methods of international transport.
  3. To minimise the amount of waste we generate, by having recycling policies in place.
  4. To monitor and save energy in our work from home environment.
  5. To reduce our water consumption.

To offset carbon emissions by planting more trees.

We signed up to Ecologi in January 2023 as we found that it was a simple but impactful climate solution that offset the carbon that we couldn’t yet reduce.

We pay a monthly subscription fee (for each full time employee) and that money goes towards planting trees in Madagascar, Kenya and Morocco etc. The money also goes towards funding climate projects all over the world and just for the price of a weekly coffee!

We have set an ambitious goal of becoming carbon negative by 2025 - follow us on our journey of smashing this goal!

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Although we work from home, we offer a ride to work scheme to encourage more cycling and walking and less driving on the roads.  We encourage low carbon methods of international transport to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

We champion video calls which we have daily and we meet up as a team in person once a month for team office days to maintain our culture.

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

We all recycle our household rubbish which can include paper and cardboard from work related exercises or projects. If we cannot repurpose or reuse e-waste items, we donate to schools or find external purposes. We also dispose of food in the correct way by using local councils’ compost bins.

No additional office emissions.

We are a small team who all work from home so we have no additional office emissions. We encourage good environmental stewardship in how we manage our working from home set up. We encourage everyone to have a smart meter in their house and will provide a smart monitoring plug for whoever needs one.

Reduce our water consumption.

We have pledged as a team to make a much more conscious effort with our water consumption.

We can do this by taking shorter showers, not letting the tap run whilst brushing our teeth, doing the dishes and preparing our food. We can reduce pollution at home by disposing of food waste, oils and medicines the correct way and not putting them down toilets or drains.

Eating less meat and buying local seasonal produce which uses less water is also beneficial to the environment.

We would love to know your thoughts and opinions on how you would improve these goals as a small company who work from home. And other suggestions of how we can make a positive impact!

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