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Over the last two decades of delivering technical excellence, we have compiled these principles that drive the way we work with technology day to day.

Enable impactful/meaningful ideas to become reality

Large or small, technical or human, we like to bring meaningful ideas to life. there is nothing too big or too small that we work on. Working together to make a breakthrough is what inspires us in what we do. Our primary measure of progress is working software in front of customers. We deliver and iterate, learning from what we build and incorporating it. We do this at pace, we don’t spend time on something that isn’t valuable. People make software, processes don’t. We apply lightweight practices that we know to work and adapt as we learn more.

Technical Excellence

Automate all the things. Test all the things. No code is the best code. Fewer moving parts == double plus good. Evolutionary architecture, designed for change and designed for pace of change.

Spark Happiness

At its simplest, this is about making people smile. Whether that is from the joy of a job well done, providing meaningful work that fits with people’s lives or discovering new ideas and learning new things. We want to delight the people we work with, by taking a genuine interest in them, their business and their goals. Deliberate wants to create happiness for the people it serves.

Improve the world around us

Individuals can go fast, teams can go far. We believe that an organisation can and should improve the lives of the people it touches and furthermore should enrich the world in which we live.