10 May 2023

Why apprise exists and what does it do?

The apprise platform enables you to have meaningful and deliberate communication with your customers

Siba FaddaLead Consultant

As businesses transition to digital platforms, they must find new ways to engage with their customers. The problem of spam has become increasingly pervasive, and many customers are tired of receiving irrelevant and annoying emails. This is where apprise comes in.

apprise is a software product designed to revolutionise e-commerce marketing. It offers a unique solution to the problem of spam by allowing businesses to capture their customers' interests and preferences and tailor their marketing campaigns accordingly. This creates a more personalised and relevant approach to email marketing that increases engagement and brand loyalty.

apprise also features a related interest pool that captures a broader range of interests and preferences from customers who have given their consent. This allows businesses to tailor their marketing campaigns based on a more comprehensive understanding of their customers' needs and interests.

Bookstores, for example, can use apprise to keep their customers informed when their favourite authors publish a new book, when there is a book signing, or let them know what the editor pick for the week is. This helps provide personalised and relevant content to book lovers, increase customer loyalty, and build stronger relationships with customers.

apprise can also be used for Back in Stock notifications by capturing customer contact details for out-of-stock items and notifying them when the product becomes available again. This helps businesses increase customer satisfaction by providing timely notifications and the opportunity to purchase the desired product before it sells out again. Additionally, by capturing related products to the out-of-stock item and curating marketing material accordingly, businesses can increase the chances of a purchase and ultimately increase sales.

apprise's real-time dashboard provides businesses with valuable insights into their customer data, enabling them to track important metrics such as customer engagement and product preferences in real-time. It also allows businesses to quickly identify and capitalise on transient business opportunities, such as trending products. It also enables businesses to analyse customer behaviour and identify trends that can be used to inform future marketing campaigns and product development, ultimately driving sales growth and increasing customer satisfaction.

apprise was created with the goal of enabling businesses to have more meaningful interactions with their customers. By providing personalised and relevant content, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers and increase customer loyalty. The real-time dashboard also provides valuable insights that can be acted upon quickly, enabling businesses to capitalise on opportunities that would otherwise be missed. apprise is an innovative software product that offers a meaningful alternative to spam, and it has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses engage with their customers.