21st April 2023

Why we want to be B Corp certified and why it matters to us

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Laura ErsesOperations Director

First and foremost, we want to look after our people. We are a no stress, very open and transparent small (but mighty!) software consultancy company of six people. Our main aim is to empower our employees and provide them with a safe and rewarding place to work so that they can make the most impact on improving the world.

Our core values are;

• Enabling impactful ideas to become reality

• Technical excellence

• Spark Happiness

• Improve the world around us.

Not only do we want to do the best for our employees we want to join the other 1,100 (and counting) UK businesses who align with the B Corp and B Lab community on global issues.

We are currently on our educational journey into researching and putting into place our social and environmental goals and what we want to achieve not only in 2023 but the future as well.

As a business we all agreed that we wanted to improve our planet and looked at the best ways in which we can have an impact, that not only worked for us, but that sat well with our core mission and values.

Due to the robust assessment and the recertification every 3 years, this is paramount in ensuring that we continue to do the work and be held accountable for our actions and what we want to achieve going forward.

When you see the B you know you are in great company. Candidates now specifically look for companies who are part of the B Corp because they know that they will be working for an excellent company, who care about their employees and who care about the planet. So not only do we want to retain our talent, we want to attract good talent, with the same values as us.

When we become a fully certified B Corp company, we will join a network of inspiring businesses who share the same values as us.

We are looking forward to being involved in active portals and supporting like-minded communities where we can connect with other people on the same journey. We can’t wait to be a part of the B Corp movement because we all know that there is no planet B!

The Top 10 reasons why we want to be B Corp certified.

1. We want to look after our people.

2. We want to do our part to look after the planet and have an impact.

3. We want to join a network of awesome businesses who share the same values as us.

4. We want to create the best environment for our team to work in.

5. We want to create opportunities and be inclusive.

6. We want to attract and retain good talent.

7. We want to improve our social and environmental impact.

8. We want to take business accountability and be more transparent.

9. We want to improve our impact over time.

10.  We want to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.

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