66°NORTH are an Icelandic clothing manufacturer who have been protecting Icelanders from Iceland since 1926.




  • E-Commerce
  • Fashion


  • CommerceTools
  • Next.js
  • Kotlin
  • TypeScript
  • Prismic
  • Google Cloud Platform

Time frame

  • Initial release: 12 months
  • Ongoing engagement: 36 months+


Build Precisely

Deliberate Team

  • Tom ScottCo-Founder
  • Siba FaddaDeliberate Alumni
  • Robert Precious-BirdsSenior Consultant


66°NORTH wanted to grow their e-commerce business exponentially. Whilst their existing e-commerce store offered all the functionality they needed it required a large amount of manual intervention for processing orders, allocating stock for fulfilment and other back-office activities. The store itself was built through a bespoke e-commerce plugin on top of an enterprise CMS solution which, whilst being extremely flexible, was ultimately labour intensive for managing product life cycles, marketing and merchandising. There were also concerns about scalability and the ease at which a new, premium, user experience could be introduced.


For a brand like 66°NORTH their public facing website is a differentiator and something that is required to stand out coupled with the ability to adapt and change quickly and easily as new requirements are discovered. To achieve this we recommended using a headless e-commerce engine, CommerceTools combined with a headless CMS tied together with a bespoke application built with the latest web technologies to deliver a quick, delightful website that could be fully customised to meet their needs.

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