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Focus on value

The best measure of value is working software.


  • Inflated stories: When stories/points become the measurement, teams inevitably start to chase those arbitrary values and oftentimes inflate the scoring. When that happens, the measurement becomes the target and at which point, it ceases to be a good measurement; Goodhart's Law.
  • Getting lost in the details: losing track of the bigger picture, why we're doing something and what we're trying to achieve could lead to sub-optimal, complicated solutions.
  • Not delivering value: Ultimately, we're here to deliver value and that is what we should be focused on.


As consultants and as software engineers, the best way to measure the value we're producing is working software, software that is used by customers and one that satisfies their needs. Focusing on delivering valuable software starts with valuable conversations and interactions. The number of stories or points delivered isn't a reflection of value delivered.

You build it you run it

Teams are responsible for running their own code. Simple as that.



We believe autonomy is important to creativity, mastery and productivity.