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Facilitate future you

Invest in making life easier for you and your team now and in the future.


  • Rather than documenting steps on how to setup a specific development environment, explore the feasibility and cost of packaging it up as a single shell script. The ideal end-state is that it should be as simple as checkout and go for anyone with a clean machine.
  • "Don't make me think" - whether building a user interface, an API or documenting a defect, invest in making it as simple as possible for the future consumer of what you're creating to pick it up and run with it (that person in the future could be you!).
  • This should be a small, constant, incremental investment that over time makes your daily life easier.
  • This is closely related to Automate Everything but at the micro level aimed at improving everyday quality of life.


Taking the time to encode a series of steps in a small shell script; encapsulating function parameters as Tiny Types; or linking to specific, relevant content will reduce cognitive load for the mundane everyday tasks and allow you to focus on the new and interesting problems.

Conversations not Comments

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. Always opt for a meaningful conversation instead of a one-way comment.


Remote First

Teams should always act as if everyone is remote, even when some are co-located.